Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Round Robin Scheduling

Round robin is the scheduling term which is being used for the purpose of algorithms which is mainly used for the purpose of operating systems. This system had mainly been used in order to handle out the processes which are incurred in the operating system which means that the time that is being taken for the opening of the program and then as a result the user is being shown with the process chart which is being drawn. The entire process is being done in equal portions where each and every item is being taken into account.

On the other hand a process schedule had been defined for the round robin scheduling system. This form is adopted in that case when the jobs or certain other tasks are to be performed. The round robin schedule is one of the easiest and simplest forms of doing the work and hence it can be carried out and implemented easily. The data is also being used in the round robin scheduling which means that in such a situation the user have to bear the data packet scheduling process. It had been found out that first come first serve basis is one of the alternative which can be used in the form of the round robin scheduling. This is one of that forms of scheduling which can be applied to other forms of scheduling as well and at time it is also used for the purpose of handling the problems too.

It is also used in the computation of the computer networks which is found to be quite helpful in the data packet scheduling process. The entire process of round robin scheduling generates about minimum and maximum of the results and it is referred to as the min-max fairness which means that each and everything is to be carried out on equal basis