Thursday, December 3, 2009

Follow your own fashion style

I was watching the fashion show episode of Gossip Girl and remembered how much I love this show. It’s so smart despite its over use of sexed up teenagers. Eleanor Waldorf said to Jenny after her green mess of a dress goes down the runway she is going to expose her “Eve Harrington ways.” Now, I doubt the average GG viewer would even pick that up, and I sure didn’t the first time. But it’s a reference to the classic film “All About Eve” starring Bette Davis as an aging actress who is usurped by a younger manipulative Eve.So with a renewed appreciation for GG, I remember the great fashion moments and trend sparked by the Upper East Siders this year. The female stars also made a splash on the red carpet, with Leighton Meester amping up the stakes with her edgy, innovative looks.

It has been bitterly cold down south this winter. Seriously, I feel as if I have been freezing my tail off. This hasn’t left me with a lot of fashion inspiration. Most of what has inspired me is a nod to warmer days.The shoes are the cutest things Target has carried in a while so i mostly prefer ugz boots. Target got really dull with their shoes, so these bright and sparkly ones are just what the doctor ordered. The bags, on the other hand, are cute but completely disconnected from the shoes.

I’ve just finished reading this book by Anna Davis, and it’s a must read for every fashion-crazed woman with a penchant for SHOES! The book is set in the roaring 1920s Paris, and the heroine is aspiring poet Genevieve who has found herself in a loveless marriage.She is a shoe- and fashion-obsessed member of the aristocratic class. Instead of publishing her own writings, she gets her wealthy American husband to back her Bohemian friends’ enterprises. She sees one of her rivals wearing a pair of some of the most unattainable shoes in the world and decides she must have them.