Friday, January 23, 2009

Avoid Swapping of Files

When Windows loads, it moves certain parts of the operating system to the swap file anyway, regardless of whether it has run out of RAM or not. This is very good for systems with less memory, since it leaves some free RAM and applications will start much faster. Otherwise, when you start an application and memory is required, Windows will have to first move all this data to the swap file to free up RAM. This functionality is usually not required on systems with 256 MB or more RAM, especially if they only run common productivity tools such as Office and Internet applications. You can prevent Windows from using the swap file until absolutely required by adding the line below to the [386Enh] section of the \Windows\ system.ini file.

ConservativeSwapfile Usage=1 You can edit this file in Notepad. In case you face any problems such as programs crashing frequently, remove this line and reboot.