Tuesday, October 7, 2008

User Operating System Interface Part-2

Hello friends in the last post i told you about the one way command line interface through which an user can interact with the operating system.Now in this post i am going to told you about the second way through which an user can interact with the operating system.

The second approach through which an user can interface with the operating system is through Graphical User Interface(GUI).This interface provides a mouse based window and menu system as an interface to the user,rather than entering commands through command line interface.A GUI provides a desktop metaphor where the mouse is moved to position its pointer on images,or icons,on the screen(desktop) that represent programs,files,directories and system functions.Depending on the mouse pointer location,clicking a button can invoke a program,select file or directory which is known as folder.Microsoft's first version of Windows version 1.0 was based upon a GUI interface to the MS-DOS operating system.Then after this various versions of windows systems proceeding its initial version had been developed Windows 98,Windows 2000,Windows XP and Windows Vista.

The choice of whether to use a command line or GUI interface is mostly depend on individual to individual.As a very general rule,many UNIX users prefer a command line interface because they provide powerful shell interfaces.Alternatively, most Windows users are pleased to use the Windows GUI environment and almost never use the MS-DOS shell interfaces.